Location Tracker for Parents

With Location Tracker for Parents app, you can follow your kids' locations, create regions and track in and out actions on your mobile app and web app.

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Location Tracker - History, Stayed Longer

About Location Tracker for Parents

An optimized gps location tracking app for parental monitoring. It's free and contains no ads.

Accurate Gps Location

Location Tracker shows the most accurate and detailed location information available to your device.

Optimized Battery Consumption

Location Tracker does not drain your battery. Moreover, you can optimize according to your needs by changing application settings.

Cross Platfrom

You can access to location information on Location Tracker mobile applications and web application.

  • Detailed Location Info

    Longitude, latitude and altitude with accuracy info is tracked.

  • Location History

    Users can search historical gps location data up to 365 days.*

  • Regions Rules

    Create regions as you wish and track your child when it gets in or out from the region.

  • Follow Your Child

    Send a follow request to your child and start following him/her.

  • Track Groups

    Create track groups and add your kids to start getting information about their location.

  • Last Known Location

    You can see the kid's last known location on map with details such as date and accuracy. Navigate to there using Google maps.

  • Share Your Location

    Get your location accurately and share it via email, sms, whatsapp etc.

  • Free to use

    You can use Location Tracker for Parents free. However, subscribers will have advantages.

Location Tracker Showcase

Tracking your kids' location was never easy this before. Download and start tracking your kids' location.

Use Cases Depending on Your Situation

Location Tracker for Parents app solves all your tracking problems. Create groups of your kids' devices, alerts and notifications. Need new features? Contacts us.

Designed to Track Location for Parental Monitoring

Creating regions to track in and out actions is one of the best features in Location Tracker for Parents. Think about this as a parent of kids.

Cross Platform

Location Tracker for Parents works on web application and Android devices. All features are available on both platforms.

Location Tracker - Follow Request I've Sent
Location Tracker - Regions

Group the Devices

Optimize Location Tracker for Parents according to your usage. Group your kids' according to their schedule, add region rules and track them.

Inexpensive, No Need Unnecessary Hardware

You don't need a new and unnecessary device to use this app. Your child's cell phone with GPS and internet connection is enough.

Track Your Children | Parental Monitoring

Location Tracker for Parents requires the explicit consent of your child you would like to track. The application is clearly visible on their device.


Designed for a better user experience.

Location Tracker - Location History
Location Tracker - Region Rule Logs - Enters, Leaves Region
Location Tracker - Add Device to Track Group
Location Tracker - Devices in Track Group

Pricing Plans

Location Tracker for Parents is free to use. If you subscribe, you have access to more data and have better user experience.

You can subscribe using our Android application and your Google account. No credit card information will be asked.

You can cancel your subscription anytime and use the app fully until your subscription ends.

*Note that prices change according to your country.


Limited Usage


Free User

  • Up to 30 days Historical Search
  • Waits Between Searches
  • Mobile and Web Access
  • Create Up to 3 Track Groups
  • Create Up to 3 Regions
  • Track Up to 3 Devices
  • Basic Search Options
  • No Ads
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More Resources During Subscription



  • Up to 365 days Historical Search
  • No Waits Between Searches
  • Mobile and Web Access
  • Create Up to 10 Track Groups
  • Create Up to 10 Regions
  • Track Up to 10 Devices
  • Advanced Search Options
  • No Ads
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Suitable for Corporations



  • All Features with Subscribers +
  • Custom Reports
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Create Unlimited Track Groups
  • Create Unlimited Regions
  • Track Unlimited Devices
  • Advanced Search Options
  • No Ads
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