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Who can see my device's location?

ONLY you and your loved ones (if and only if you give permission) can see your device location in your private network.

Change Your Device Key: Added My Device but I'm seeing "Add This Device" option.

If your device is added previously but you see "Add This Device" button, go to "My Panel", expand "My Devices", open the menu next to your device name and click "Set as This Device" button.

Re-Add Your Loved One's Device to Accepted Track Group

If you removed your loved one's device from the corresponding device track group and want to add again, use "Add to Accepted Group" button.

Draw a Region on Location Tracker Android App

Go to "My Panel, Regions" and tap "+ Add New" or "Edit" to update existing region.

You need at least three points to create a region. Tap and hold your finger just a little on map.

Note that;

  1. The first point will not be visible.
  2. On the second, point you will see a line.
  3. After the third and next points, you will see a region.

Draw a Region on Location Tracker Web Portal

Go to "My Panel" and on the right hand side, you can see "+" button. Click to "+" button to add new regions, click "Edit" icon to edit an existing region.

You need at least three points to create a region.

  1. Select "Draw a Shape" button which stays in the top-center of map.
  2. Click on map to select region corners.
  3. If you double click to the third and next corner points, we will connect the first and the last points and create your region. You can manually connect the first and last points.

Why do I see region rule logs while the device is currently in region?

Because, your device sends approximate location information. The approximate longitude and latitude value causes this problem.

To minimize this problem, we suggest you to increase the location change meters setting in application settings or enlarge your region.


You can only register and sign-in with your Google account. By using your Google account, you do not have to remember a password and Olgun Apps does not need to send you a verification mail.

For more information, please click here to read the GPDR document.

Main Screen : Map View, Track Panel, My Panel

Main screen contains three tabs named as Map View, Track Panel and My Panel, respectively.

There is menu on the top left part of main screen and another menu on the top right.

# Tab Name
1 Map View Map View shows the current device's location if you allow Location Tracker to access GPS. If you can add device/phone to Location Tracker on this screen.
2 Track Panel

Track Panel shows your default device track group. You can add track groups and devices to these track groups on this screen.

Regions rule logs and region rules of the selected device track group can be found in this screen.

3 My Panel You can manage your own data, see follow request and regions on this screen.

Left Menu: Profile Details, Subscriptions, Settings, Sharing Options and Contact Us

Left menu helps you navigate to Profile Details, Subscriptions, Settings, Sharing Options and Contact Us.

# Menu Name
1 Profile Details Shows your profile details, that is, profile image url, name and last name.
2 Subscriptions Shortcut to Subscriptions screen which let's you subscribe to Location Tracker and see your subscription status.
3 Settings Shortcut to Settings screen.
4 Sharing Options Let's Share Location and Share User Name with your contact's using the apps on your phone.
5 Contact Us Let's you contact us using emails.

Top Menu: Support Developer, Settings and Logout

Left menu helps you navigate to Support Developer Screen, Settings and contains Logout button.

# Menu Name
1 Support Developer Contains basic information about the Location Tracker App, the developer and app version. There is a shortcut to Subscriptions page.
2 Settings Shortcut to Settings screen.
3 Logout Let's you logout of the Location Tracker App.


App settins enables you to control how Location Tracker works.

For example, if you want more accurate and detailed tracking and no battery problem, change app settings.

# Setting Name
1 Tracking Mode Enable or disable location data synchronization.
2 Movement Detection Interval (Minutes) Desired interval to check whether the device is moving or not, in minutes. "3 minutes" is suggested.
3 Time Interval (Seconds) Desired interval to get active location updates in seconds. "20 seconds" is suggested.
4 Location Change (Meters) Smallest location change in meters to save location info. "40 meters" is suggested.
5 Location Accuracy High accuracy may consume more battery. "High Accuracy" is suggested.

Adding Your Device/Phone

On the main screen, Map View, you can add your device using "Add This Device" button. If the device is already added, you cannot see the add button.

Adding New Device Track Group

On the main screen, Track Panel, you can add your add, edit and delete device track groups.

Follow Requests I've Received

On the main screen, My Panel, you can view, accept, deny or set pending to follow request. Only the accepted request owner can see your selected device's location.

If you want to leave a device track group, just deny or set pending the request. Your device will be removed from the device track group without notifying the group owner.

Follow Requests I've Sent

On the main screen, My Panel, you can view all requests you've sent and delete only pending requests.


Regions are the areas you draw on map and add as rules to device track groups. You can list in and out actions on "Track Panel, Region Rule Logs" view, chronologically reversed.

About Documentation

This documentation will be updated eventually according to Location Tracker for Parents application.

Android App Version is 2.92 on July 18, Thursday,2019 at 21:00 GMT+0.